This week, Expedia announced that it would be rolling out an update to its online car reservation system that will bring more flexibility to customers who want to book a ride through the website.

Users who have purchased a car from the company before can now book their reservations on the app and receive an alert when the reservation is ready to go.

The company says it is working with local transportation agencies and airlines to provide better ways to find local rides.

“The Expedia Car Reservations app will bring our customers more flexibility and options in booking a ride,” Expedia said in a statement.

Users will be able to book car reservations through their accounts or through their smartphone.

Expedia’s update is the latest effort by the company to address a major problem for people who are unable to book rides with its smartphone app.

Expedia users have been complaining for years that their car reservations are often delayed and unavailable because of congestion and bad weather.

In 2016, Expensia announced that its smartphone application would soon be fully localized and that it planned to launch in the U.S. and Canada by the end of 2020.