VEGAS — Car rentals are no longer limited to hotels, as hotel-owned car rental companies are now providing car rental services to hotel guests.

The Car Rental Industry Association of America (CARIA) announced Tuesday that it is launching a partnership with a hotel-affiliated car rental company to provide rental car service to hotel customers.

The CARIA said it has secured a lease to run the service, with the goal of helping increase car rental revenues for hotel guests by 20%.

Car rental company, which operates in 10 states and one Canadian province, will operate as a separate, independent company, with co-founder and CEO Joe Laskin as CEO.

The company’s goal is to bring car rental to more guests who would normally rent cars and offer them a way to pay for their transportation.

Laskin said in a statement that the partnership is about making car rental more convenient for hoteliers, and he hopes to grow it into a national provider.

“We are looking to expand into new territories, such as the Pacific Northwest, as well as expanding to more locations,” Laskins said.

The agreement with comes a month after announced a partnership between the hotel company and a third party rental company, Carrent Cars, to provide car rental service to customers in Las Vegas.

Carrent’s CarRentCar service operates independently from Carrent, providing cars for customers who want them for a small fee, but with a limited number of cars.

The company said in an announcement Tuesday that Carrent has about 1,400 vehicles available for lease and is working with Car Rent Cars to offer car rental for guests at various times.

The service is available in Las Verdes, Las Vegas, Reno and Las Vegas in the Nevada and Arizona areas.

Lasksin said the CARIA was founded in 2011 to bring the car rental industry closer together.’s mission is to provide hotel guests with the best car rental experience available, he said.