I had a few days to myself this weekend.

It was a busy week at work and I was tired of my car being left in the garage all day every day.

So I decided to take my bike out to the local grocery store and rent a new car for the weekend.

I also had a couple friends that were visiting for a few weeks and wanted a ride home, so I picked up the bike.

The bike was a Suzuki XJ650, which I picked out to fit the bill, and the car was a Ford F-150.

So when I got the call from the rental company, I was excited.

I knew I was in luck because I was going to be renting my car for 3 nights.

So, I booked my rental car, got a deposit, and went to pick up my car on the first night.

But after about an hour, the guy at the rental agent told me I needed to come back the next morning.

The next day I got a call from a guy at a different company who had the same problem.

The guy told me that he needed to pick me up again on the third night, which would mean he needed a new deposit and I needed a deposit.

The rental company also told me the third rental was for a different location, and they said they were out of cars for the day.

I had to come up with another deposit for that location, which is when I realized I was out of options.

I was desperate, and I called the rental agency and tried to find out how much they would charge for the car, but they told me nothing was available.

I ended up finding out the rental car rental company didn’t even provide the correct address.

I called back and left a voicemail, but there was no answer.

A few days later, I got another call from another rental company and the rental was still out of vehicles.

The third time, I called and again got the same message.

I finally figured it out when the third call came in.

This time I called in a second time and the person on the other end told me they were going to have to charge me a rental fee of $400, which they couldn’t even figure out how to charge for because the person I was calling from was out-of-service.

The phone operator on the phone told me this was just another company that couldn’t provide the right address.

So after two weeks of calling, I finally got the right number for the rental I needed.

I booked the car the next day and got the car to drive to the rental office.

They called me back a few minutes later and told me everything was ready for me.

They also told my car would be ready on the next rental day, so that was great, because I didn’t have to go back to my rental company again.

The car came in, the rental vehicle came in and the driver told me to get on the bike and go home.

The two of us got in the car and we were going for a ride.

I drove it home, parked it, and then hopped on the motorcycle. I didn