Georgia has become a hot spot for car rental companies, with rental agencies offering more than $100,000 in car rental deals a year.

Here are some tips to help you find the right car rental agency.

• Georgias best car rental agencies: • Georgia has many car rental agents that have been around for years.

Many of them are small businesses that specialize in rental cars.

• They have a lot of options.

• You’ll probably pay more for a rental car in Georgia than in most other states.

• Your local car rental agent is often more than willing to provide you with free car repairs.

• If you’re not sure about a car rental company, you can check the industry’s website,, for more information.

• It’s not just Georgia that offers great car rentals: In 2017, the average rental price in Georgia was $1,700.

• Georgia’s best car rentals to rent in 2018: • Atlanta has the best car renting options in Georgia, with several car rental sites offering car rentals for $1 to $10 a day.

• The suburbs have a great car rental market, with more than 100 car rental and car rental-related companies.

• Car rentals in Georgia are usually free.

You can find the best rates at

• Many of the companies in this section offer discounts on rental cars, so make sure to check before making a reservation.

• Visit Georgia’s car rental websites to see how you can save.

• For more information on the best cars to rent and how to find the perfect car rental location, visit the Georgia Association of Car Rental Companies.