A Dallas-based car rental firm is hoping to make a splash with its latest move to the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Dubbed “TurboCar” by its Dallas co-founder, Joe Gossett, the company is opening a rental service that allows people to rent a car for as little as $25 per day.

The company plans to have 200 cars available for pick-up at the end of the month, including an additional 40 for the first three months of the year.

The company says it hopes to help people with low incomes get their cars fixed.

It’s also partnering with the city to provide free car service in the first two months of this year, and is partnering with Ford and Hyundai to help provide free parking for new cars and service them for the next three months.

The city and the company have been working on a car-sharing program that would use cars owned by people in the city as well as the company’s fleet.

Gossett says he and his co-founders will be the driving force behind TurboCar.

The Dallas company will provide people with a car rental in the coming weeks, with cars being picked up and dropped off on site at locations throughout the city.

He said that’s the goal.

Gollott said the goal is to give people more options to get around, and said that if the city can convince the company to take on the entire city, that would be a big deal.

The Dallas area has a long history of car ownership, so it’s a great opportunity to tap into that market.

But some car-lovers in Dallas aren’t sure it’s the right approach.

“They’re getting rich off us, that’s all they care about,” said Joe Echeverria, who works for a local community bank.

“They’re not paying us.

And they’re going to do it in their own backyard.

It’s not about helping people.

It really is about them getting richer.”

The company is also aiming to expand beyond its first Dallas location in early 2019.

It has a second location in North Dallas, and a third location in downtown Dallas is planned.

The new Dallas location will open in late 2019, with the company aiming to offer car-rental services throughout the Dallas metro area.

The goal is not to be a luxury rental, Gosset said.

The firm is looking to attract the type of people who might not want to spend money on a rental car.

“The reason I’m excited about it is it is a place where people can go to get a car, get a vehicle that they don’t need or don’t want,” he said.

“We can do a better job with what we do in the car rental business.”