Today, more and more people are choosing to rent out their homes as their primary residence.

The idea of living off the grid is appealing, but it also means that the cost of living is higher and the quality of life suffers.

In the last decade, the number of households with no fixed address has tripled, with a record 10.3 million people now living in “remote” households.

As a result, many Americans have shifted to renting out their entire homes rather than renting them out as individual rooms.

This shift has created a huge demand for homes with an attached garage and other amenities that can be rented out as a home away from home.

A growing number of cities and states are now enacting laws that require landlords to allow residents to rent their homes.

Many of these laws are being pushed by landlords who are hoping to maximize the value of their properties while avoiding the potential pitfalls of having to deal with a single tenant.

However, while the majority of renters have access to a full range of amenities, a significant portion of those renters do not.

In many cases, the renters may not have the amenities to keep up with the rental price of their home or the convenience of a nearby public transportation or public transit pass.

In addition, the average income of renters is lower than that of homeowners, and renters are more likely to be in households with lower incomes and fewer dependents.

If you’re looking to purchase a home, it’s critical that you consider what amenities are available to you, how much they will cost, and whether they’ll be able to handle your financial needs.

A good way to make sure that you are making the right choice is to do some research on the housing market and compare prices with other home buyers in your area.

There are also a number of rental options available to prospective buyers, including short-term rentals, shared-ownership, and owner-occupied properties.

If purchasing a property in the Bay Area, there are several good rental options to consider.

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