I had an amazing opportunity to find and rent a used 1955 Ford Thunderbird.

This car is from the 1950s, which is why it is an antique car.

When I found it I was excited to be able to rent it and it was an incredible experience.

The car was parked outside of the downtown Omaha location of Classic Car Rentals and had a little trouble finding a rental car.

I called and asked if they had a car for rent in the area and was told that they did not.

I then called and they were very nice and accommodating.

The car was a great find.

I was able to find one rental car in the time that I did and it only took me a few hours to find another.

The rental car was great.

The only reason I did not rate it higher would have been if it had a bigger trunk and less space in the trunk.

I would highly recommend Classic Car Rental and would definitely recommend getting a used car if you are in the Omaha area.