Getaround has launched its first rental car, a car that rents out its interior to a small group of users who are in need of a ride.

The company said it had partnered with the Australian government to offer rental cars to people with disabilities in order to “enhance the accessibility of Getaround services”.

The Getaround app was launched in August last year and currently provides a service that allows users to book a car and then pay the car’s rental fee online.

“Getaround is proud to be the first company in Australia to enable users with disabilities to book and pay for a rental car using a smartphone app,” Getaround CEO and founder, Sam Sosnick, said in a statement.

“Our app will enable people with a disability to book their own cars, and pay the cost of the car upfront, with the car then returned to the owner after the car is rented.”

“This will enable them to stay in touch with friends and family, without having to use Getaround’s website or mobile app,” he said.

“The GetAround app has the potential to make the world a better place for people with physical disabilities.”

Getaround launched its app to enable people to book, pay and rent a car, using a phone app.

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The Get around app is available for Android and iOS devices and is currently being tested in the US and Europe.

“We’ve been impressed with the support from the Australian Government, who are a big advocate for the accessibility rights of people with disability,” Mr Sosnik said.

The app allows users with physical impairments to book private hire cars and then make payment for the car once it is rented.

“For example, if someone has a disability that makes it difficult for them to stand, for example, they might need a wheelchair, and they might also need to make a reservation for a car or pick up someone from their home, they can do this using Getaround.

The Getaround mobile app will do all this for them,” Mr Kelleher said.

Getaround has a number of other services, including a virtual tour of Australia, where users can take photos of landmarks and take a virtual journey around the country.

“To get to a specific location you need to know the GPS coordinates, the distance, the elevation,” Mr Tullo said.”[We] will provide them with a virtual guide of the landmarks they will be visiting.”

These landmarks are the best places to start, and the best way to get around them is with the Getaround car app.

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article GetAround is also offering a virtual train tour of the country, as well as a virtual bus tour.”

When you buy a Getaround pass, you’ll be able to get access to Getaround and the services that it offers, so you’ll also be able connect with other Getaround users around the world, and make sure you get the best Getaround experience,” Mr Nardelli said.

It also allows users who have a disability in the car to connect with friends via Getaround Live, a social media sharing platform.”

People with physical impairment can share their experiences, and we’ll work with them to make sure that we get their needs met,” Mr Gartner said.

Mr Nardello said Getaround was looking at ways to expand Getaround to include people with mental disabilities.”

If we can improve the accessibility, the accessibility in the services and the accessibility around getting around the city, that’s something that we’re looking at,” he told News Corp. “So, there are a lot of things we’re trying to do.

“Get around is also developing its own range of mobile phones, which is now available to buy.”

GetAround is available to download for free.”

We want to see that we continue to develop Getaround apps that are accessible to all Australians, and people who are physically or mentally disabled.”

GetAround is available to download for free.