A search for a rental car on Expedia, KayakCar, or AarpCar rental websites may turn up no-show vehicles.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons that the Canadian rental marketplace is so flooded with vehicles from companies offering low rates.

Here’s how to find the best value in car rental services in Canada.

(Published Monday, Aug. 20, 2018)In addition, Expedia has been criticized for allowing vehicles from foreign companies to be booked at inflated rates.

Expedia also has been accused of not providing a fair and reasonable rate for rental vehicles.

The company said Monday it was “reviewing” its rental business and “continuing to improve our rental process and service.”

“The company is taking steps to better understand the scope of our business, and the ways in which our business is impacted by the government’s policies,” Expedia said in a statement.

“We look forward to sharing more information as we make progress in this process.”

AarpCar has also come under fire in recent months after complaints surfaced that a company charged more than its advertised rates for rental cars.

Aarp said in its statement that the company had taken a number of steps to address concerns raised by the media.

Expanded vehicle availability has been an important part of the company’s strategy, it said.

The majority of our vehicles are fully booked by the time we open for business.

“In addition to Aarp’s recent changes, Canadian Car Rental’s online rental site has also been criticized in recent days.

Aarp said Monday that it was in the process of reopening to all its customers.

Expanding vehicle availability is another step Aarp is taking to improve its rental process.

AARP is an independent provider of car rental for car owners and renters in Canada and the U.S.AARP said Monday its new rental site is currently available for those who want to book vehicles through AARP and are looking to book in-person.