By APA LYNCH Associated Press WriterNew York (AP) Amazon car rental company Car2Go is planning to expand into new markets across the U.S. as it prepares to launch its car-sharing service in a dozen more cities.

Car2Go will add to its already large footprint by leasing out cars and trucks, with plans to add 100,000 vehicles in 2019.

The company plans to expand the fleet of vehicles by leasing vehicles in the next year, said Matt Capps, Car2go’s chief financial officer.

The leasing company will make its fleet available to people who want to rent them out, Capps said.

That means Car2GO’s customers won’t have to wait for their own vehicles to be delivered.

The car rental firm also plans to rent out cars in more than 20 other cities, he said.

The new cities are part of Car2Google, which has been looking to expand beyond the U., as the company continues to grow its market share.

The company has a fleet of more than 2.2 million cars and vans that it leases out.

Car1Go, which Car2 Go launched in January, is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Alphabet’s parent, Alphabet Inc., owns the car rental firms ZipCar and Car2Get.

CarFree, which began in February, will operate as an Amazon-owned car-rental company in Austin, Texas.