Bakersfield, California-based is a popular car rental site, but it also has its fair share of cars that need to be moved or shipped.

The site has recently been expanding to offer vehicles in other locations in the US and other countries. offers a variety of cars from brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes, Lexus, and Toyota.

The cars on the site are mostly rental cars, but they also offer an assortment of luxury cars and other luxury goods, too.

These listings are updated regularly, but some vehicles are sold out.

While it may sound like a lot of hassle, it’s not uncommon for a car to get moved on the spot, and will do everything it can to get the vehicle moved.

If you need to move a car on the fly, provides a list of drivers that are available to move the car.

When you make your move, you’ll need to fill out a rental car reservation, pay for the vehicle, and then pick it up from the rental company.

Car rental companies are always looking for the best drivers to work with.

Car rentals typically take a couple of hours and can take up to a few days.

You’ll usually be picked up at a location in your home state or local airport, but you may have to pick up the vehicle yourself if you have a long distance trip.

To help you find a rental company that will get the car moved to your location, has partnered with the online transportation and transportation services site TripAdvisor to offer a app that helps you find the best car rental company for your needs.