Posted February 03, 2018 01:36:51 The world’s most famous car rental company is opening its doors to Australians and other foreign visitors to the car rental industry in the lead-up to the next big car rental boom.

Carla Carra is opening a Sydney branch in January and has already seen interest from customers in the US and Europe.

The company is not offering its cars for rent, but instead for lease, which means customers will pay for the car itself and get the full amount if they want to rent it out.

The Australian company, which is based in the Australian capital, is targeting people in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

It’s the latest venture in a long-running campaign by the Australian tourism industry to encourage more people to come to Australia and work.

Carra said the car industry needed a foothold in the South West to get a foothold there and that would not happen if it didn’t provide accommodation and services to the locals.

She said the company was open to expanding to other parts of the country and was working with other local businesses and local organisations to develop a “specialised” car rental business.

“We’re looking at different regions around Australia, but we’ve got to start somewhere, so if you’re an Australian, it’s a great opportunity to work for us,” she said.

Carrera said it was too early to predict the impact the company would have on the car rentals industry.

“Carla’s offering is based on the premise that people will come to us and say, ‘I want to stay in a caravan for two weeks, and it’s cheaper than renting a car’,” she said, adding that it was a good way to start the conversation about how to get people into the car renting industry.

The Adelaide-based company’s Sydney branch opened last year, and has so far seen around 100 customers sign up to stay for two nights or more, with another 300 to stay longer.

Carrie Cottrell, who runs a Sydney-based travel agency called Traveling Australia, said there were many options for tourists looking to book accommodation, such as Airbnb.

“For example, you can book Airbnb on the same day as your trip and then when you get to Australia you can find accommodation for your family or friends that is cheaper than the hotel accommodation,” she told ABC News Breakfast.

“So if you can just get yourself a cheap hotel accommodation in Sydney or Sydney or Melbourne, it will save you money on your trip.”

I think the challenge for us is that we have to find a way to be successful in the car sector and to make it work for Australians.

“Carrera has been travelling the world for more than 10 years and said she had never seen anything like the success she was seeing in Australia.”

It is amazing,” she added.”

There are many other car rental companies that are doing a great job in the same market, and I think Carla’s a good example of a company that has really focused on finding a niche in the market.

“Carla said the service was not based on profit margins, but rather on what she called the “quality of the car” that the customers were looking for.”

If they’re looking for a really good quality car, we’re happy to offer them a good quality one, but if they’re searching for a brand new car, then we want them to look elsewhere,” she explained.

Carol Cottrel, from Traveling Canada, said the Carla Carrera brand was well known and had been for a while.”

One of the biggest issues that I’ve seen people having when they come to travel is that they are frustrated because the car that they have is very expensive, and they’re very frustrated because they’re not sure how they’re going to pay for it, and that’s not the Carcares aim,” she argued.”

They’re here to travel the world, and their car is one of the best ones that they can buy in Australia.

“Carra added that her company would not be opening a branch in the New South Wales state of South Australia, because it was not the “right market for the company”.

She said it had a strong track record of successful partnerships with international companies, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Airbnb and Amazon.

She also said the Australian community was a big reason why she was so interested in the industry, because “they’re a very welcoming and very friendly community, they’re an amazing people”.

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