With the Raiders sitting atop the AFC West with a 4-0 record, the question arises: Can they be the teams to beat the Broncos, Chargers, Patriots and 49ers in the division?

The Raiders’ best chance is to make it to the playoffs in the first round, and that means they’ll be missing some key players who could have a major impact in their defense, according to ESPN’s Michael Silver.

Here are the three Raiders who could be in jeopardy if they lose:Safety DeAndre Levy (shoulder) and cornerback DeAndre Smelter (back) could be limited for the second game of the season.

Levy is the only player on the roster who has been able to play through an injury, but he missed four games with a back injury last season.

He played in five games and recorded one interception.

Smelter missed five games last season with a concussion, but played in all 16 games.

He started four of those games and had three interceptions.

He missed two games last year with a neck injury.

The Raiders have the NFL’s fourth-ranked run defense, and the defense could be vulnerable against the Broncos’ running attack.

The Broncos led the league with 9.3 yards per carry last season, and Denver ran for 6.3 per carry.

The Broncos rank sixth in the NFL in rushing yards per game at 5.9 yards per attempt.

That could make it hard for the Raiders to slow the Broncos down.

They’ll likely run the ball a lot more than the Raiders have, and there’s no guarantee they’ll have any kind of secondary to help protect their quarterback.

The Chargers are a team that has been struggling to win football games, and their offense has struggled to score touchdowns, according.

They rank sixth with just 14 touchdowns.

The 49ers have had a lot of success against the Raiders this season, as the 49ers rank first in the league in passing yards per play (4.3) and touchdowns allowed per game (19.4).

The 49ers allowed 8.5 points per game last season and have averaged just 3.4 points per contest this season.

The Chiefs could be able to win this game.

They have been the only team to beat Oakland in the past five seasons, and they won that game in overtime in 2012.

The Titans have had some success against Oakland in recent years, as they have won four games and finished with a winning record in five of the past six seasons.

They won the game in 2015, but it was in overtime.

The Bills have struggled against the Chiefs in recent seasons, but they have a very young defense and have played them in the AFC South and NFC North.

The Bengals are the only other team that is in the playoffs with a win over Oakland, as Oakland is the defending Super Bowl champions.