Car rental at the centre of a car theft scandal in Dublin is facing a second blow with the city’s licensing authority suspending the licence of a private firm that operates out of the centre.

Dublin City Council announced it was suspending the firm’s licence for five years following a “significant increase” in complaints from tenants.

The company is a car rental company and it operates out in the centre as well as in the suburbs of Dublin.

A statement from the city council said it was “following the process of taking a decision on suspending the company’s licence and would not be commenting further at this time”.

The firm operates a car pool, which is a service for those renting out a car for a short period.

It’s a car-sharing service and the council said the company was not licensed to operate within the central Dublin area.

The statement said the city has taken steps to stop this company from operating in Dublin, with the licence suspension being announced today.

A spokesperson for the council declined to comment on the matter.

In January this year, the city of Dublin received a complaint about the company that was not being licensed.

The council said at the time it was aware of a “recent spike” in concerns about the use of cars and parking in the city.

A spokeswoman for the licensing authority said the council was now looking at other ways to protect the public.

Dubliner has been hit by car theft at a higher rate than other European cities.

In 2015, there were more than 2,600 reported car thefts in the Dublin region.

A report by the Irish Institute of Economic Research last year said the Dublin area had the highest rates of car theft in the country.