Uber and its competitors have begun to work together on the transport of cars in the United Kingdom, a move that could lead to new partnerships with companies like CarRentals.

Uber has already partnered with CarRento, a company that rents cars, to offer car rental in London.

In the UK, the company has been working with the local taxi sector to develop a service that will allow customers to rent cars in exchange for a fee.

The service will be available in the coming weeks, though Uber hasn’t yet revealed how much it will charge for the service.

The partnership is part of Uber’s ongoing push to bring its ride-hailing platform to the UK.

As Uber has expanded to a global market, the taxi industry has been forced to compete with Uber.

Uber and CarRenta have also begun to collaborate on driver training.

A report from Bloomberg found that Uber is planning to introduce a series of driver-training courses in the near future, which would give Uber drivers a better understanding of how to work with drivers and how to provide a safe environment for drivers to operate.

Uber also plans to work closely with Carrento, the UK’s largest taxi company, to provide its own driver training programs.