Car rental is becoming a mainstream way of life in India, as more people choose to lease their cars instead of buying them.

According to a recent survey by auto rental platform CarRentalIndia, the rental sector in India has seen an almost 40% jump in 2016, driven by a huge increase in the number of car rentals being made available through the platform.

The survey found that the rental industry is set to double its share in the next five years to reach 40% in the country.

This has created an opportunity for both car rental companies and car rental platforms to make significant investments in their supply chain, as demand for rental cars is expected to increase in coming years.

In addition to the huge investment, the car rental ecosystem in India also has a huge opportunity for the Indian auto industry, as the rental ecosystem has grown exponentially over the last few years.

The rise of the Indian car rental market has been driven by several factors, such as an increase in rental rates and the increasing availability of the vehicle and driver-partner benefits, as well as the growing number of rental cars available.

A growing number, however, are not looking to lease, rather to rent cars as a means of income.

As the Indian market continues to grow, it is expected that demand for car rentals will increase.

This will be particularly true for the larger cities of India.

The CarRent platform is one of the main players in the Indian rental industry.

It offers car rental, as a service, and also offers vehicle rental for hire.

A car rental platform can offer an excellent range of car rental options in India and has become one of India’s most popular car rental services.

The car rental marketplace in India may seem overwhelming to those looking to rent a car in India.

In fact, the market is so large, that there are more than 500 rental cars for every available rental car.

The number of cars available for rental in India can be estimated at around 1.3 million vehicles, which makes the car market a very expensive one for many in India today.

The majority of these cars are available through car rental providers like AutoRent, Rent-A-Car, or Rental Express.

However, there are some car rental vehicles that are available on the market that have been overlooked by many car rental consumers in India due to their limited range.

A few of these are the popular and popular cars like the Honda Civic, Ford Mustang, Toyota Corolla, and Hyundai Elantra.

For many, the choice of a car rental in the market has become more and more important, and they choose to rent from these car rental apps.

These are the car rentals that are popular with the Indian population, and these car rentals can be found for sale in Indian car markets.

However, the demand for cars has increased over the past few years, as they have become the new way of travel in India for many.

According a recent study by the India Tourism Research Institute (ITRI), the market for rental vehicles in India grew from Rs.5,923 crore in 2015 to Rs.12,939 crore in 2017.

This represents a significant increase in car rental revenues of almost Rs.2,500 crore per year, which is more than five times the market growth rate of just Rs.200 crore per annum.


as car rental has become a major part of the daily life of many people in India these days, it has become the major source of income for many car renters.

The Indian car market is very competitive.

Many car rental agencies charge a fixed rental price for the car they rent.

The car can be rented for less than Rs.10,000 per month.

In addition, car rental portals like Auto Rental offer car rental at a much lower price, with a monthly rental fee of around Rs.20,000.

The main reason why these car renting platforms charge so low is because many car owners have a limited income and can only afford to rent the car once.

These car rental app platforms are the key players in this Indian car industry.

The success of these car booking platforms in India will depend on the quality of the rental car, which will also determine how the car is used in India as well.

The main reason behind the high rental prices in India comes from the fact that the Indian government, in the past, has been pushing for a rental tax on cars.

This tax has been imposed on car rentals for almost five years now.

This has led to a huge rise in rental prices across the country, and this has contributed to the massive increase in demand for Indian car rentals.

According the government, the new tax was meant to ensure that the car companies could compete with the car owners in the rental market.

However the new policy has created a huge incentive for the rental companies to charge higher rental rates.

A major reason for this is the fact the rental rates are very low compared to the car taxes that the