Lubbocks Craigslist has a new feature that lets people rent cars from its website.

It is available only to people who have signed up for the car rental program, according to the site’s Facebook page.

That means those who have never used Craigslist before can sign up for it and will not need to log in, the site says.

“No matter if you are a veteran or not, you will not be charged a monthly fee,” the site states.

“You can pick a vehicle from the available cars for rental in your area and rent it for a low monthly fee.

You can also rent cars that are already rented from other websites or from third-party sellers on Craigslist.”

It also says there is no need to register with the service.

Craigslist, the first car rental service in the United States to offer a car rental option, has attracted a lot of attention because of its low upfront costs.

“This is one of the first companies to offer this type of service, and we are excited to bring it to our users,” Craigslist’s general manager of marketing and communications, David Kranz, told Business Insider in a statement.

Craigslist has been trying to get in the rental game for some time, Kranp said.

The company’s site is powered by a server that runs on Linux, which makes it possible to run ads and track users and find the best car rentals in the area.

The new car rental feature is the latest effort by the company to get more people into the rental business.

Earlier this year, the company launched a car sharing service, but it was discontinued after only a few months.

Craigslist is the third major car rental company to launch a car renting service.

The service is currently available in a few states, but the company said it plans to expand the service nationwide later this year.

A recent report from financial services company Cowen & Co. said that while there was a $2 billion valuation for car rental services, car rental firms have failed to keep pace.

The report found that car rental companies in the US are not profitable, and that car rentals have grown more slowly than the overall rental industry.

The market for rental cars in the country has declined steadily over the past decade, the report said.

“The trend is in a slow slide that is clearly not sustainable,” the report’s authors said.