It is the kind of story you would hear on the radio at a funeral. 

A man is having a car rental problem, so he needs a car insurance policy from a Dublin company. 

“I’m not sure who I am or what I do, but I do need the car,” the man says. 

The man was in Ireland recently for a business trip and he didn’t know how much he would need to pay. 

He called his agent and asked for help. 

This is how it works: A Dublin company will send an agent to Ireland and get a quote for the car.

The agent then contacts the agent in the US. 

They then call the car rental company in Dublin to ask for a quote. 

From there, the agent will ask for the money, which is sent directly to the agent’s bank account. 

After that, the money is put in escrow for a month.

The money is released when the car is rented. 

There are now over 700 car rental companies in Ireland. 

When the agent asks for a car for a client, the company will take out an insurance policy on the car from the insurance company.

The insurance company is responsible for the insurance on the rental car, not the car itself. 

If there is an accident, the insurance covers the rental company and not the owner. 

So, for example, if you had a car that was damaged in an accident in the United States and you need to drive back to Ireland to fix it, the owner will be covered by the insurance policy. 

What is the insurance? 

The Irish insurance company, R&S Insurance, is a member of the Association of Independent Car Insurance Agents (AICIA). 

It is responsible for insurance on all vehicles used in Ireland by members. 

Insurance covers damage caused to a vehicle, damage to the vehicle or damage to its contents when used in an act of criminal or immoral conduct. 

For a car, the car insurance covers damage to: the paint, hood, seats, windows, trunk, wheels and any other parts of the car including wheels. 

It also covers damage due to fire, ice or corrosion, water damage, and any injury or death caused by the act of theft. 

Who can use the car in Ireland? 

You can use any vehicle that belongs to you and you are not limited to just the owner of the vehicle. 

You may not use it for your own personal use, but you are still responsible for all the other expenses that come with the car, such as fuel, insurance, maintenance and any maintenance that is required. 

How much do I need? 

Insured car rentals in Ireland cost from €1,700 for a private hire car to €6,000 for a fully insured one. 

Your policy will cover a car’s cost over the course of a year from the date of purchase, which can vary depending on your rental company.

What if I can’t find a rental company? 

If you can’t rent a car in the city, try contacting your local car rental agency and ask for help to find a car.

You may be able to arrange to rent from a different company if they have more experience than the one you have. 

Where to get help? 

Irish people are very flexible.

If you can find a company in Ireland, call your local insurance company and ask to be connected to a car loan broker or rental company representative in the country.