I had booked a car rental in boise from car rental company CARROT.

I was very happy and the car rental was very easy to arrange.

The car was a Honda Odyssey (a good choice for a winter day trip in boze) and it was very well maintained.

It was easy to get to the hotel.

Car rental boze was easy and comfortable to ride.

CARROT is a car sharing company that is also an auto leasing company.

They have a number of cars that can be rented.

I rented a Honda Prelude for $10.00 per hour.

The car is brand new and the driver was a very nice and easy-going man.

My girlfriend and I had just been out to the beach.

We drove up to the resort, and there was a good deal to be had.

We parked at a lot of other rental cars.

The rental company did not charge a flat rate but the drivers seemed friendly and professional.

I paid $20.00 for the car.

I have no complaints.

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