OHIO (AP) When you think of car rentals in your town, you might think of renting a used car.

But in Ohio, that’s not necessarily what you’ll find.

A car rental agency in Ohio has been offering car rentals since 2012 in towns around the state.

And while it’s easy to search online, there’s a lot more to find, including reviews of cars, car rental rates, the vehicles themselves and reviews of car rental companies.

For example, in Cleveland, there are more than 100 car rental properties.

If you search for “car rental,” you’ll get about 25,000 results, including a car rental company that has just opened in Cleveland.

You can search for cars, cars and other vehicles.

In Cleveland, you can search by “vehicle type,” which will give you results like “pick up or delivery vehicle.”

The cars that are available for rental are typically older and less popular than the cars that go into rental fleets.

The cars that people rent have lower mileage and are usually not as reliable.

In some cases, the cars are just as good as a used vehicle.

In some communities, the car rental industry has been getting a boost from the federal government.

Ohio Gov.

John Kasich has been working to make the state a hub for car rental leasing.

The state has been making its own cars available for lease and has been helping other states expand their car rental programs.

The federal government is paying Ohio a $10 million loan for the project.

The car rental is expected to begin in 2021, and the loan will be used to expand the industry and expand access to the auto rental industry.

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