Progressive rental car manufacturer Aarp is proud to announce the latest model of its new AARP car.

The AARP Car has been designed with a range of features that allow the Aarp Car to make use of the latest technology to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs, and to deliver superior ride quality and comfort.

To create this car, Aarp teamed with a team of progressive rental and lease car rental companies in the United States and Europe to design, develop and manufacture the car, which is now in production and available for purchase.

“The Aarp AARPcar has been engineered to take full advantage of the newest technologies in today’s transportation landscape, to help customers get the best possible rental car experience,” said Richard G. Gresham, President and Chief Executive Officer, AARP.

“The AARPCoL vehicle offers customers the freedom to choose a ride that’s right for them, while still providing excellent fuel economy, zero emissions and a range that’s more than sufficient for those who need it most.”

AARP is a national nonprofit that works to end poverty and promote economic opportunity for Americans by providing quality transportation, energy, and environmental services.

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