Buffalo car rentals company Buffalo Car Rentals said Wednesday it will give its renters a “real deal” car rental experience that’s “comfortable, fast, and safe.”

The company’s announcement comes days after the Buffalo Parking Authority announced a deal with two car rental services that offers more than 40 cars for $250.

The deal also will allow Buffalo Car Rental to offer customers discounts on new cars, according to the news release.

Buffalo Car Rentings has about 5,000 cars in service, the company said.

It is currently in the process of selling more than 100 of its cars.

“Buffalo is a growing and vibrant city, and we want to be sure to offer the best car rental service in town, and our goal is to be the best value for our customers,” the company wrote in a statement.

“Buffalo Parking Authority and Buffalo CarRental are pleased to partner with us and will work together to make Buffalo the most affordable, convenient and convenient place to rent a vehicle.”

Buffalo’s parking authority said it is working to expand its fleet of cars, adding about 15,000 vehicles in the last six months.