Car rental company Kissimmeete is in a race to become the first car rental startup to take on a $20 billion dollar industry.

The company, which also recently launched a car rental app called Car Rental Express, has raised $12 million in venture capital funding.

But it also faces competition from other car rental services.

Kissimmete says it is aiming to replace some of the “old-school” car rental agencies like Hertz and Capital One.

The new company says it has over 40,000 members across North America and the Caribbean.

It will provide a full suite of car rental tools to its members, including car payment plans, insurance plans, car insurance, and more.

The startup says it will use the funds to build its new headquarters in Florida.

“We will use this to hire the best team of engineers and product experts to build a product that truly fits the needs of the customer,” Kissimmes founder and CEO David Boggs told Bloomberg.

“It will be an exciting time for our company.”

The company says its service will be available in more than 200 cities worldwide.

Kissimete says its car rental customers range from “family” to “business owners” and include: •A business with more than 100 people in a five-person household to a single household to 300 people in five- or 10-person households.

•An apartment complex or condominium to one- or two-bedroom units in five or 10 person households.•A large or complex office or factory.

•A hotel to a large hotel.

•Many small apartments or condos.

•People who own cars and want to rent them for longer periods of time.

•Those with a disability who want to buy a car for more than a few years.

•Drivers with insurance coverage.

The service will also offer car rental assistance, car payment options, insurance, rental car discounts, and insurance payments.

The partnership between Kissimetes and Hertz marks a new era for car rental.

A decade ago, the car rental industry was dominated by big car rental companies like Hertzman, Capital One, and CapitalOne AutoRental.

But car rental has evolved since then, with a plethora of online car rental providers including CarRental Express and the rental car platform Car Renter.

Kissmete CEO David Himmelstein said the new company will be a “transformational force” in the car industry.

“In the car world, we will see more companies than ever,” he said in a statement.

“Today, our company is a catalyst to transform our industry.

Our new company is focused on building a brand that can lead the way in reinventing the way people rent cars.”

Kissimemeete says Kissimmenete will start offering car rental to people who rent cars for at least 10 days a week, and will work to expand to more locations in the future.

But the company says customers will have the option to pay by credit card or cash.

It’s unclear when Kissimeme will offer car rentals to consumers.

It is also unclear how much the service will cost.

A new rental company is already working on a similar product, but it is being developed in-house.

In an interview with CNBC, CEO David Gonsalves said Kissimes car rental platform is not yet ready for prime time, and that it is too early to tell if the new startup will succeed.

The other startup vying to take the car car rental market by storm is the car sharing startup Uber, which has been in the limelight lately for a string of scandals.

While Lyft, Sidecar, and Sidecar Go have a strong customer base, Uber has struggled to build out a customer base to compete.

It has recently hired a new CEO, Travis Kalanick, who is known for pushing for a car sharing model that would allow people to rent a car from an app without having to pay for a taxi.

The ride sharing service recently announced it is raising $2.4 billion in new funding, and it says it aims to create “the world’s first fully automated, mass-market car sharing service” by 2019.