(AP) A popular resort in southern Mexico has been filled with rental car parking lots that are overflowing, making it hard for people to park in the city’s streets.

Tijuana, the city of 2.4 million people, has seen a sharp increase in car rentals in recent years, with about 5,000 cars being rented annually, according to the rental car rental website Avis Car Rentals.

That’s a major problem in the bustling resort town of Puebla, home to about 6,000 people and the city hall.

The city hall told The Associated Press the city has been inundated with cars since the start of the year, with people renting out their cars for $600-$1,200 a month.

That makes it hard to park on the street, said Carlos Martinez, a taxi driver who drives around the area daily.

Tulipas is often considered the “hot spot” for luxury cars in Mexico, where prices start at around $30,000.

But as the number of rental cars has surged, so has the number who have to park their cars on the streets.

It’s not clear why there are so many rental cars on Tulipas streets, but it’s likely to be because the city is becoming a hub for luxury car rentals.

The company said that in December, more than 4,000 rental cars were parked in Tulipases streets.

On Sunday, about 6:30 a.m., the city council unanimously approved the first installment of a parking bill to bring more parking to the streets of Tulipa.

That was an important step toward ensuring that Tulipans have more parking options for those who need it.

In recent years Tulipasa has been a hub of luxury car rental growth.

The city’s population is roughly 7,400, with more than 1,100 cars rented for the year.

It was also a big factor in Tulips popularity, with sales of luxury cars growing 40 percent to $831 million in the first half of 2017, according an industry report from Luxury Car Sales.

In some neighborhoods, the number renting cars has tripled in the last year.

In the city, the rental of cars in the downtown area jumped to about 400 in the second quarter of this year, the report showed.