The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into whether car rental company carrentals should be required to list the number of miles an owner drives.

It’s a question that’s been a headache for the car rental industry for years.

A spokesperson for the NHTSA said that while the agency is working with the industry to determine how to regulate the rental companies, they “are focused on improving the safety of all of our customers.”

The agency’s Consumer Safety Advisory Committee has already weighed in, recommending that the rental company notify the owner of each car rental in which they operate.

In the meantime, the NhtSA is asking car rental carrenters to list how many miles the car has been driven on each rental trip.

This could be a significant change for car rental owners.

For example, an owner of a $1,200 Nissan Leaf could see a $2,000 difference in the cost of a new car, but an owner with a $3,200 Ford Focus might see a difference of $1.50.

The NHTS says that the standard mileage per mile (MPM) is 50 miles.

So an owner could drive 1,000 miles on the $1 million vehicle and pay $1 per mile.

The NHT said that it’s not asking for mileage to be recorded on the car.

It says that it will not require rental companies to use a mileage tracking system, nor will it require them to display a mileage report when a rental is canceled.

“The NHTS believes that it is in the best interest of consumers to provide information on vehicle mileage for those who choose to rent vehicles,” the agency said.

However, car rental services that don’t comply with the NHDSA’s guidance could be hit with fines of up to $1 billion and/or loss of business if the agency finds that they fail to disclose how many hours a rental car was driven.

But some car rental drivers are still frustrated with the lack of information.

While I have had several complaints that I’m being asked for mileage data to show that my car has not been driven more than 30,000km, my car is not being driven more and more, said a recent complaint.

Another complaint that has surfaced is the fact that they do not report the mileage they are providing.

This has led to some owners being charged with a misdemeanor if they drive more than 50,000 km.

NHTSA spokesman Mark Mancuso said that if a car rental service doesn’t disclose the mileage it is using, the agency will ask for information.

If the information is incomplete, the company could face penalties.

Mancusos said that the agency does not expect that car rental firms will change their practices.

“As we said in the past, we are working closely with the car-rental industry to help them understand how to comply with our regulations, which include reporting mileage information to NHTSS,” he said.

“And we are also working with manufacturers and other suppliers to develop best practices and best practices guides to assist them in complying with these regulations.”

It’s a big step forward for the industry.

While there are still some concerns with the current system, car rentals have a lot of leeway to change.

And they’re not going to stop changing until NHTAS and the car owners themselves agree on a solution.

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