Posted May 05, 2019 11:05:13The ride-hailing app Uber is exploring a self-drive car rental service with Lyft and its rival ride-sharing company Lyft Express.

According to sources, Uber has started a self drive car rental program and will soon be working with Lyft to create an “Uber and Lyft” service.

Uber’s self drive cars are equipped with autonomous technology and can be rented for as little as $3.50 per hour for 30 days.

Uber’s app for iOS and Android, for instance, lets users rent self-driven vehicles for $1.80 per hour and $3 per day.

Both Uber and its Lyft competitor Lyft are launching a self driving car rental business.

Both Uber and Uber Express operate in the same space, the same business model, and they operate at roughly the same speed, according to sources.

Both companies are in the midst of an expansion of their business and both are trying to capitalize on the rapid growth of the transportation market.

Both Lyft and Uber are looking to expand their self-dubbed “Uber for Cars” service, a service that lets users choose from a wide range of rental car options.

The two companies are reportedly collaborating on a new self drive rental business called “Uber Car Rental Express” that will allow users to rent self driven vehicles for as low as $1 per hour.

The service is reportedly working with Uber and the two companies will work together to expand the business.

The sources said Uber and Google’s self-drives are “ready to roll” as soon as they can.

The company is also working with another ride-hopping service called Go GoGo, which has been expanding its services in Texas.

Uber said on its website last month that it had partnered with Lyft Express to develop a new service called Uber Drive.

This new service allows users to choose between self- and conventional car rentals in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Houston, according in a statement.

Uber is planning to test its self-driver car rental services at multiple locations around the country, according sources.

The ride sharing company is reportedly expanding its fleet of self-drivers and the company has a contract with several ride-hire companies to hire self-Drivers, sources told TheWrap.

Uber said that it has been in talks with Lyft for over a year and the companies are “in the final stages of an agreement.”

Sources told The Wall Street Journal that Uber has been testing self-powered cars at its self drive Austin, Texas facility.

Lyft has been experimenting with self-piloted vehicles in the Austin, TX area since 2015.

The company is looking to develop self-delivery services, like Uber and Go Go Go, for self-service vehicle rentals, sources said.

Uber has been working with Go Go to develop its self driving cars.

Lyft recently announced it will launch an online self driving service.

Sources said that Uber’s self driven cars have been spotted in San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle and other parts of the U.S.

The Uber and ride-shares are now vying for customers in self-paced business.

Uber is also in the process of developing a self driven car rental platform in partnership with the ride-share company Lyft.

The new platform will allow drivers to choose from the Lyft Express app or a self owned car.

Uber has also announced it plans to launch its own self drive service by the end of 2019.

Uber, Lyft, Go Go and others are all trying to capture a bigger share of the market with their self drive vehicles.