The rental car industry in New York State is booming, with a $1.2 billion market and more than 40,000 new listings on the Web.

“I think it’s a wonderful time to be a renter in New England,” said Kevin Johnson, vice president of leasing and franchising at Car Rental Group.

“New York has such a great diversity of rental cars.

And that’s really great.”

Johnson, who moved to New York in 2010 from South Africa, said rental cars in New Hampshire are a great way to get around town.

“You have such great, well-stocked options,” he said.

“You have the same great options you have with gas stations.”

But there are drawbacks to the industry.

The vast majority of rental car owners are renters who work part-time jobs, like taxi drivers or landscapers.

In addition, some people who rent cars don’t qualify for car insurance because they work as independent contractors.

There are also safety concerns.

In 2014, two teenagers were killed when a vehicle carrying two young women, including one who was under 18, collided with a van on the New Hampshire Turnpike.

There were no injuries.

The industry has also faced competition from Uber and Lyft, which offer cheaper and more convenient rides.

The rental car market is expected to expand even more in the coming years, as car ownership rates will continue to rise.

New York’s rental market is estimated to reach $10 billion in 2018, up from $4.2 million in 2017, according to a study by the State Department of Financial Services.

More than 100,000 people work as car rental drivers in New Jersey, according a recent study by Rider University, and about 5,000 of them are full-time.

“The market has exploded,” said Julie Haggerty, who has owned a car rental company in the state for 20 years.

“It’s just been exploding.

It’s so important to be able to keep your rental car on the road and in the right hands.”

Haggerty has worked for three rental car companies in the past four years and she is optimistic about the future.

“This is a booming industry,” she said.

“It’s been going on for years, and I don’t see any slowing down.”

The rental industry is booming in New Britain, but the number of cars in the market is declining.

“There’s so many cars on the roads,” said Daniel McBride, executive director of the New Britain Chamber of Commerce.

“They just aren’t getting to the point where they can actually be driven to work, which is why the rental car is so important.”

McBride said the rental market in New Boston is booming.

“We’re seeing the demand for a car, but not all the cars are available to people,” he explained.

McBride, who is also president of the Massachusetts State House of Representatives, said it was important to keep an eye on the rental industry.

“People want to rent cars, but they need to know that they have options and they’re protected,” he added.

McBeth’s company, Green Garage, operates a fleet of cars and provides them to the rental community.

He said rental car drivers are often looking for a vehicle with more cargo capacity.

“For us, we want to see as many cars as possible,” McBride said.

Rentals are available in the city, but you can find them in towns across New England.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, for example, a rental car can be found for $500 a day.

In Northampton, Mass., it can cost $500 or more a day for a rental with a maximum of 20 vehicles.