The Florida Kayak rental company Kayak is moving forward with its plans to open a fleet of three new luxury boats in the Bay Area, a move that could help revive the struggling boat rental business.

The company, which operates out of the Bay Bridge in Tampa, announced in April it would begin leasing kayaks and charter boats from 2019 through 2021.

In the next two years, the company plans to expand its fleet of kayaks from 100 to more than 2,000.

The kayaks will be equipped with a full-sized kayak boat that can accommodate 12 people.

The boats are currently available for rent through the Kayak Bay Area website.

Kayak’s plans to launch new boats in Florida are part of a broader push to make its services more affordable and to diversify its customer base.

Kayaks are becoming more popular among tourists and boaters in recent years.

In March, Kayak launched the Kayaker 4, a three-person kayak that has a seating capacity of 18 people, and the Kaye Kayak Explorer, a five-person vessel that has seating capacity for 18 people.

In February, Kayaks was awarded a $7 million federal grant to help it expand its operations in Florida.

Kayakers are also making strides to expand their fleet, with several new vessels launching this year.

The new boats will feature the same features that are already available on some of Kayaks most popular kayak brands.

For example, the Kayakers Explorer features a removable bow for easy and efficient transport.

And the Kayaks Kayak Kayak II, a smaller boat with a larger cabin, also features a bow for easier and more efficient transport, according to Kayak.

In addition, Kayakers has announced plans to add a full length paddle boat to its fleet, which will be marketed as the Kayayo.

The Kayayos, the larger boats, will be offered in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Kayay is partnering with local rental company Rental America to sell the new Kayayas.

Kayako said it would have more details about its plans for the new boats later this year, but noted that it had been in talks with some of the top kayaking resorts in the country about leasing them.