The French capital is a destination for many French expatriates seeking to find affordable car rentals, but for many of them the cost is still prohibitive.

Car rental companies have long struggled to attract the young and ambitious French.

For some, car rental can seem a pricey proposition, especially for those who might otherwise opt for private cars.

The average price of a rental car in Paris ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 euros per month, according to an estimate by French car rental company Car2go.

For the average French household, the average car rental costs 2,500 euros per year, according the latest figures from the Paris Association for Business and Finance.

Car2go’s research shows that the cost of renting a car is higher for older, wealthy couples who tend to own their own cars.

For young and creative couples, a car can be a luxury they have no control over.

French drivers are often willing to pay more than the average European.

In 2013, the French government said the average rental cost in Paris was 9,000 Euros per year.

It did not include car insurance.

The average rental for a Mercedes S Class was 7,500 Euros, according Car2gobuy, a data visualization tool for French car rentals.

For those who want a car, it is usually much more affordable than renting.

For a young couple in their 20s, a 2-year-old Audi A4 can cost as little as 2,300 Euros, Car2gogo reported.

In a city with a high cost of living, it might seem that the city’s car rental companies should be more generous.

But the data shows that they are not.

The car rental market is not nearly as competitive as it used to be, said Paris-based car rental agent, Michel Vaucluse.

The cost of a car for young couples has dropped to the lowest level in a decade.