Houston, which is about to get a lot busier than you can shake a stick at, will soon be home to more than 100,000 cars.

The Houston Area Automobile Association said Wednesday that it has received “more than 3,400 registrations” for the new state permit.

It’s not clear how many are actually new cars or new registrations.

The association said in a press release that its drivers and volunteers will work the permit and make sure that the cars get “routine inspections, maintenance, and servicing.”

It said it’s not certain how many cars the city will receive but said it expects it to be at least 100,400 cars.

The city also said it plans to receive “more registrations in the future” and that it would like to have at least 300,000 registrations in its fleet.

The state’s transportation department issued an estimate of 1,200 vehicles for the first phase of the permits.

The second phase will start later this year, and the third phase would start in 2021.

The agency will also issue a new permit for commercial vehicles.

The permits are issued by the Department of Transportation and must be issued within 30 days of the completion of the study.