I don’t even have a taxi license.

I am a PBI car rental operator, a Pbi car hire company in Mumbai.

I don the car and the driver who I hire doesn’t have a license.

And yet, I manage to take a cab from one place to another.

For instance, I picked up a driver from a city near me who was a taxi, a car rental company.

It took about three hours to get from the first house to the next.

But if I want to take the cab, it takes less than three minutes.

The driver’s name was Kishore, he is the eldest son of the company owner.

I knew that he had a good driving licence, but I didn’t know his name.

I just picked up him and told him I am the driver.

I took the driver to the PBI office, got him to get a taxi and picked him up at a nearby hotel.

I did this because I wanted to know what would happen if I was caught.

I went back to the hotel.

The manager of the hotel called the police and a few hours later, the police came to the house to arrest me.

They also got me to sign a contract.

I signed it at the hotel and signed it with my PBI licence.

But I didn to go back to PBI because I had to sign it again.

So I signed a contract at the police station.

I didn.

But when I got back to my house, the taxi driver was waiting for me and the manager said, “Don’t come back because we have to arrest you.

We can’t arrest you because you signed the contract.”

I don to go to jail because I was the one who signed the deal.

So they arrested me and took me to a police station and the police told me that the driver would be released after paying me Rs 5,000.

After three days, I came back and was released.

It was an injustice, but also a relief, because I didn, too, sign the contract.

But what happened in the last few days has shaken my faith in the law.

If you have a contract, you are bound by it.

And it is very difficult to get out of that.

I was thinking, what is happening in Mumbai?

The law in Mumbai is very weak, the law in Delhi is strong.

There are no taxi drivers in Delhi and Delhi is the capital of Maharashtra.

But the law here is very, very weak.

If a driver is arrested for not signing a contract and not paying his dues, the driver will be released and the PPI will get a Rs 5 lakh fine.

In Delhi, the court has the power to take away the driver’s licence.

I asked the court if this could happen here, because Delhi is a big city.

They said, it is not possible, so we are going to have to go the other way.

If there is no driver, the company will get the money from the driver, which is a lot.

And I told them that I don.

So, after four days, the PFI and the company decided to release me.

So the PGI is not allowed to be in Mumbai anymore.

So that has shaken the confidence of many people, particularly taxi drivers, who feel that they are not safe, even though they have a licence.

They say, “I am going to get in trouble because of you.

I have no license and you are going after me.”

I told the people, you have to trust me, I am going out there and I will get you a taxi.

But they are still angry and have started to talk to me.

For example, some people, they have said, they want to get me a cab and I am not going to let them.

They are going, “You don’t have to do this.”

So, I have asked the police to arrest them.

But people are still talking to me, saying, “Where are you going?”

And I say, I don, because they are trying to take me away from them.

I think that they think I am doing something wrong and that if I am in trouble, they are going in and trying to catch me.

When I go out to buy groceries, they say, you should be in jail for five years, but they will not arrest me, they will just let me go, because that is their business.

So what is the solution?

The solution is for me to get another licence and drive in the same city, in another part of Mumbai, and I can earn Rs 5.50.

The people are so angry because they have not got their licence, they cannot drive, they can not work.

But this is not happening.

They have to get the licence, the people are not willing to give it to me because they think it is against the law and against their religion.

I will be free of the police, of the people and the state. And