Car rental companies are trying to sell their online car rental services online through the company’s own website.

A local car rental company says it wants to do that but the city’s transportation department says it won’t approve it because it’s not regulated.

The company, Ride-It Car Rentals, has been operating out of an office in the South End for nearly two years.

The owner says it’s trying to make it more convenient for customers to rent a car for a short time and then drive it home.

In an interview with the AP, Ride It Car Renters executive director, Brian Gannon, said he hopes to make the service more affordable for residents who want to rent their own cars.

The city is considering whether to ban the online car rentals, and whether to allow them on city streets.

The department said it’s working with local officials to ensure the company complies with state laws.

It has said it is not authorized to issue licenses or to make any recommendations to the city or state.

Ride-Its Car Rentations started in February 2013 as an online car-rental company but expanded to the car rental market by opening a second location in the city.

Its owner, Mike Zeller, said Ride-it Car Rentings is a new company and that it wants the city to know what it’s doing.

He said he’s been told the company is looking to build a car-sharing network.

He didn’t provide an estimate of how much Ride-its Car Rentales would cost to operate.

The transportation department said the company could sell cars through its website, which is owned by the city, and it could sell the cars through a car dealership or through an agent.

RideIt Car rentals has more than 700 customers and operates at five locations in the area.

The Seattle Department of Transportation said it has not been contacted by Ride-The-Rental, and the department said there are no rules that prevent it from doing that.

RideIts Car rentals said it received permission from the city last week to start selling cars in the Seattle area, and that’s the first time the company has applied for a permit to do so.

The mayor’s office said the city is still evaluating Ride-the-Rrentals’ application.