The Indian government has issued a ban on car rentals in India, which the US Treasury Department says is an attempt to keep foreigners from buying cars in the country.

The US Department of Treasury’s website now lists car rental as an authorized method of transportation in India.

It also says that the ban applies to individuals who are not US citizens, those who have been in India for more than 180 days, and those who are traveling to India for business.

“The United States is a nation that values the right to own property and to make its own decisions about the safety and security of its citizens,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement Thursday.

“We will continue to take necessary steps to protect our nation from cyber-enabled threats and to encourage the participation of all of our people.”

The department has issued similar bans on several other popular transportation methods in the past.

It banned foreign ownership of taxis in China, for example, and it banned foreign direct investment in the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands in 2014.US officials have said they will seek to lift the ban in the coming weeks.

The move has already prompted protests in India and other parts of the world.