CALIFORNIA: Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Ola and others are on a roll this holiday season, with the arrival of Christmas, New Year’s and other events.

But with so many of the rideshare services available, you might want to have a backup plan for the times you don’t want to leave your car behind.

Here are some tips on how to get an Uber ride for as little as $5 or less.


Get a ride before it’s free.

If you’re traveling with a family, Uber offers a $5 ride.

The company’s drivers, however, are only required to take a certain number of passengers and can choose to charge an additional fee.


Take the Lyft carpool option.

Lyft offers a “pool car” service where you can get a free ride on a regular Lyft ride when you are already in a carpool, Lyft says.


Pick up your fare in person at a local bus stop.

Most of the major U.S. cities offer their own bus stop for passengers who need a ride, so you’ll need to get off at one.

Check the website of your local bus for the nearest location.


Check out the Uber app.

You can also pay for your ride by credit card, but if you want to avoid the hassle of paying for a ride in person, Lyft also offers a free app for iPhones and Android smartphones.


Rent a car with a ride-sharing app.

Check with a car rental company or with a friend or relative to see if they offer carpooling.

Uber and Lyft offer free rides to those who choose them.


Rent your own car.

Some people choose to rent their own car in order to take the bus, Lyft said.

“You’ll be able to reserve a ride from your home, from your car, or from your friends or family.

We encourage you to rent a vehicle and share it with your family,” the company said.


Buy a car at a car dealership.

Most car dealerships offer car rental for free.

But if you’re going to get into a car, check with your car rental agent for rates.


Look for the discount car rental option.

You might be able a cheaper option, such as a $2 ride or a $3 ride.

Uber said it offers a discount to drivers of all sizes, including women, seniors, students and people with disabilities.


Find a discount car pool.

The cheapest car pool for you to check out is Lyft’s Carpool for Free.

You don’t have to pay for the entire trip, and you don to a one-time payment of $25 per person.

You also can pay for additional rides, but you’ll have to put down the full $25 upfront, Lyft added.

You’ll have until 12:01 a.m.

Pacific time the next day to find a ride and get it on the road.

The price is $15 for adults and $15 per child.

You won’t have the option of choosing between multiple cars.

Lyft also provides a discount for carpool drivers.


Use an Uber app to get your ride.

You should use the Uber mobile app, which has a $15 off ride option.

It’s also free if you have a valid driver license and pay the $15 fee before entering the app.


Pick your car and your trip.

Lyft recommends that you pick a car you don