The new Breckensridge car leasing startup has announced the arrival of a new car rental service that promises to make a car rental company less expensive.

Breckenridges new $20,000 sedan, dubbed the “Brick” by the company, comes with “special” features that include “an upgraded digital navigation system that allows for more accurate driving and parking information,” and a “new dashboard.”

That car will also have “a touchscreen display for quick access to key navigation information and quick navigation.”

The company claims that it “delivers better service and less disruption to our customers than competitors,” adding that the service will cost “just $10 more per month than the competition.”

This is not the first time that Breck’s car rental services have had to adjust to new technology.

Last year, a company called CitiMiles replaced its car rental platform with Uber-like ride-hailing, which made it harder for people to rent cars from independent car rental companies.

Breck also recently started offering car rentals from its own cars.